Invent Mode Delivers the Latest Technology

Our products & services range from retail to medical but the key similarity between them is the embracement of technology. Invent Mode utilizes cutting edge computer science techniques to develop solutions across many industries.

Products & Services

Our technologies assist retail businesses in establishing a web presence and in delivering a higher-quality shopping experience. At Invent Mode, retailers can take advantage of innovative solutions that focus on customer satisfaction.
Medical technologies
The focus of Invent Mode has been the development and deployment of state-of-the-art technologies and techniques in enhancing clinical practice and redefining healthcare. We provide a diverse range of products and services in the areas of imaging, therapy, computational tools for surgery; post-surgical results prediction and visualization; computerized tools for clinical data management and for diagnosis and treatment management.
For the advertiser, Invent Mode offers a varied array of technologies that make it possible to reach out to a large number of online surfers and consumers. Advertisers can benefit from different advertising packages that will enable relaying of product information in creative and effective ways.
Consumer Products
Using our core marketing and web technologies, we provide customer oriented business solutions to promote and sell consumer products and services online.
Our solutions for the entertainment and gaming industry include those that assist in enhancing the scope of the services that the entertainment and gaming industry can offer the online consumer, as well as in establishing an effective web presence.